I started several years ago to study Dark Basic – The Game Creators – making few games just for me, Games Guru, a very interesing experience, after that i made a tour with Cry engine, Unreal, and everything was on the market at that time. I was searching an editor or game engine for me, not much coding, with an easy understanding of programming system, i mean here object programming. I found L3DT, a great soft for terrain creator, and many other software related to 3d objects, such us Milk hape 3d, or Fragmotion. After all this trip deep in software, i stopped to Unity and, Leadwerks, which are close to me, and here i try to do my best. From an other point of view, i learned a lot in Blender, where i could make a lot of 3d objects which made me a great satisfaction. O n this site you can find some of my works, i hope you like it. Enjoy !!!